Work is taking over the lives of many of us in today’s fast paced, global environment, and if we don’t guard ourselves against work life imbalance, there might be increasing work family conflicts and stress resulting from extended hours and workload escalation. Holidays are getting shorter and are frequently clubbed with work, or worse, many don’t have time for a holiday. Quality family time is invaded by the ubiquity of the media and the internet. Stress is linked to the six main causes of death: the heart problems, cancer, lung diseases, accidents, cirrhosis of the liver and suicide. Additionally, we may also observe a change in attitude towards what constitutes a prosperous career, especially among the newer generations.

The current generation has started to question old assumptions about how work is done, how to show commitment, when and where to work, and how to advance in the business. Along with having a paid job, they strive for more complete, life that includes both a successful professional and personal life. Organisations that monopolize the time of workers challenge the ability of workers to perform well in other important roles inside the family and the community.

Companies are more and more realising the importance of employees achieving a good work-life balance as more people are experiencing conflict between their personal and work lives, which in turn affects their workplace. With voluntary and childcare commitments on one side and work commitments on the other, the struggle to achieve a strong work-life balance is higher than ever.

A successful career is important to many people, but it’s also important to maintain a healthy balance between competing priorities in our jobs and personal lives. In an increasingly connected world, it can be especially difficult to separate the two. Research shows nearly half of UK workers (47%) spend significant time feeling overwhelmed by their workload, and 85% feel their work is causing them stress.

Never underestimate the power of giving your employees enough time to attend to their personal needs. They work harder and are more productive when you give them the freedom to live their life fully. Be the catalyst that causes them to care about their work and attend to their private matters. This is why it’s important for your employees to have a work/life balance.