Being a business owner is a pretty demanding job: there is a team of staff to run, costs to keep an eye on, business strategy to decide and investors to meet. Finding time for it all is not easy, and even if this time is found, summoning up the energy to complete each task is just as difficult. Luckily, the modern, technologically advanced world has provided a solution: outsourcing.

Outsourcing, that started during the early 1990 as a revolutionary phenomenon of sending unskilled labour from the developed country to developing nations, experienced huge growth in the past 10 years. Now, after more than two decades of outsourcing, the success of outsourcing has been questioned. Will the benefits of outsourcing become overshadowed by political pressure and rising offshore outsourcing prices? Will outsourcing continue to grow or be curtailed by force in the years to come? Industry experts, who’ve been studying the disadvantages and benefits of outsourcing, feel that the future of outsourcing will continue to remain secure mainly due to the various advantages that outsourcing brings to both, the buyer and the offshore provider.

Outsourcing will concentrate more on core business activities. Latest trends in outsourcing stage to the major shift in focus from the outsourcing of non-core services to the outsourcing of core business functions. Most companies, with a significant number of SMEs, consider fully outsourcing their IT department, not just to save money, but especially to gain better, experienced and qualified specialists to produce top quality solutions.

Another trend which will influence the future of outsourcing is a move towards standardisation of outsourcing solutions. The economic crisis of the latest years has led to companies favouring standardised outsourcing solutions over custom made solutions that are less affordable. Companies prefer to utilise their dollars saved to acquire new clients and also to think out new business concepts. This has led to the organisation of organisations that are outsourcing to India along with other nations more willing to move to a standardised way of working for non-strategic processes.

Just as there isn’t one magical diet that’ll suddenly make you slim and healthy, there’s no single method that’ll miraculously streamline your business and increase its profits.

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