This blog explains why you should outsource your email management to us to free up your precious time and stress less. We will prioritise mails, respond when appropriate, identify those requiring a longer response and notify you of anything that requires urgent attention. Your co-workers and clients will still receive answers to e-mails rapidly and efficiently, but you will be free to focus on your business knowing that your email management virtual assistant is looking after your inbox. We may also create filing systems to manage your email and set rules in order that regular e-mails do not clutter your inbox.

Even though a completely empty inbox could be unrealistic we will save you a substantial chunk of time with our e-mail virtual assistant mailbox management services. Managing and organising e-mails is fundamental virtual assistance so if you are overwhelmed with the amount of emails you are getting, getting support from an e-mail virtual assistant can significantly increase your productivity. Could you do with some email magic? It is an undeniable fact that probably one of the most dreaded things about coming to the office after the weekend or a holiday is the large amount of e-mails in your in box. By working with you, your assistant will flag up for you what needs immediate attention, so you reply instantly, which e-mails need a simple recognition from you, etc. Diary entries – when e-mails come in with meeting requests or confirmations, your assistant can slot these directly into your diary – or warn you of any possible clashes in order to manage your time more efficiently. Whenever you need to find an essential e-mail, it is simpler to have everything arranged in the relevant files so that you may get to it quickly. Outsourcing this kind of task to an assistant means you can be confident that your inbox is always up-to date and you may find whatever you need. Spam and unsubscribing – even though the amount of spam e-mails you get must have diminished since GDPR came into force, you will probably still have quite a lot in your inbox.

Global Virtual Partners email management services can take the strain, by making sure you don’t have to wade through tons of spam or by mailing out promotions, quotations and invoices. Find out more about our email management services by contacting us on +44 (0) 7734 221544 or email us at