For the last decade or so, virtual assistance has seen a huge increase in popularity. Virtual assistants offer a variety of skills, plus they can cater to your needs in ways office based administrative assistants can’t. VAs may do regular office related tasks such as e-mail management, bookkeeping, schedule meetings and also the more IT related tasks such as network management, social network management, and lead generation. Although not all virtual assistants have the same set of skills, they still offer many services you cannot get with office-based ones. Because of their various skill sets, the chances are there’s a virtual assistant out there for each business.

From large corporations to small start-ups, there are virtual assistants in virtually every business sector. Most of the time, they can cater to your needs, and more. A lot of companies saw the need for one, and virtual assistants all around the world got busier and busier. But you may still find some companies out there which are hesitant to employ one. From their point of view, virtual assistants can be a risk considering they work offsite, and it could be hard to monitor and guide their work. Hiring in house assistants may take more time and cost more. But there’s a reason why virtual help gets increasingly more popular every year. For many people, the advantages of hiring VAs far outweighs the risks, plus they’re relatively more affordable to employ compared to an office-based worker.