As your business grows you will find it increasingly difficult to keep track of all your appointments and commitments. A virtual assistant can help ease the burden. You might find it difficult to let go and delegate such a task but after a while you will reap the benefits of having a trustworthy assistant manage the whole process for you. You will see your productivity sore and you will have more time to dedicate to your business and personal life. We put together, below; a list of tasks a virtual assistant can perform to ensure your diary is managed with efficiency:

• A virtual assistant is expertly trained to maximise your productivity and your time through diary management. She/ he will prioritise important appointments and commitments and will ensure you are fully prepared and briefed.

• Deal with diary conflicts that might arise.

• Colour code all your diary so you can see straight away from a quick glance what type of appointments you have scheduled in for that day.

• Consider time for overruns in case meetings run on a little longer than planned.

• Block out specific time for the all-important “deep work”.

• Keep an eye on recurring meetings to ensure these are still relevant.

• Can create an online system with folders to manage all the correspondence relating to your diary.

• Confirm all your travel arrangements, enter the details in your diary, and block time for travel.

Final thoughts…
Before you start delegating your diary management to an assistant make sure she/ he is aware of your preferences and working style. Effective diary management is a must for any entrepreneur in order to keep control of everything from internal and external meetings, to creating reminders, keeping a record of actions and deadlines. It also means you can concentrate on the tasks that will have the biggest impact on your business.