Adaptability is a skill that’s becoming indispensable in today’s frenetic world of business. In today’s volatile business environment, adaptability and increased customer centricity are more important than ever. Many forces drive the need for change, from market issues to political upheavals. Savvy leaders know the question isn’t if change will happen; it is when and how much. They know they must be able to adapt, the quicker the better.

• Life is unpredictable even for the successful, which is why adaptability is so important. A quality said to be essential to the success of many, is the ability to adapt to a continuously changing environment. “Adaptability is a great asset to have because life is so unpredictable, and things can change overnight for any of us.” – Chanda Kochhar.

• Adaptability is an innate part of the way the brain functions. “The entire brain is involved in adaptation. Adaptive functions include integration of sensory information, learning, planning of behaviour, motor responses, and neuroendocrine adjustment.” – Science Direct. Experts say our capacity to adjust to a variety of different circumstances, is essential to enjoying a happy and satisfying life.

• Effective adaptation means learning from mistakes and resisting the urge to go back to square one. Adaptability is, in large, the art of learning from mistakes – ideally, the mistakes of others!

• Successful companies understand that experimentation is crucial to adaptability. Experimentation also has its uses in the metaphorical war between businesses. Take Apple, a company that has long been synonymous with a culture of experimentation. When its new products meet a negative reception, it shelves them and gets to work on a superior alternative.

• Rushing to adapt can lead to a crash and failing to think ahead isn’t any better. Businesses are dynamic, meaning they constantly adapt to respond to consumers’ wants and needs. Entrepreneurs spot gaps in the market and develop new ideas for products and services.

• Radical leadership is often the only solution when companies lose sight of their goals. It’s easy to look good when economy’s booking and you’re backed by reputation built up over decades. Great leaders who understand and embody their core values are able to transform the aspirations of those around them and align their efforts with a purpose that transcends individual gain.

Final thoughts…
The business landscape changes all the time, and you have to be ready for it. When you anticipate changes and adjust your attitude and expectations accordingly, changes don’t need to disorient you, they become just another expected part of life.