Every entrepreneur faces a time in his/ her life where the company tasks become too impossible to be single-handedly. The success of every entrepreneur depends on his/her ability to prioritise and therefore, at some point, it becomes a necessity to hire a helping hand, which will take care of low priority tasks so that the entrepreneur can handle the high priority work and take the business forward. Entrepreneurs who try to tackle everything on their very own from responding to e-mails, attending meetings, updating social network profiles to handling clients end up working poorly on all of these tasks.

To enable each task to be performed well, an entrepreneur must acquaint him/herself with the art of delegation. Nevertheless, after this process is done, most companies struggle to find out the tasks they need to delegate. You can practically find a virtual assistant for any task, no matter how complicated it is in nature. The entrepreneur must know which jobs to delegate – which jobs to let go of and the systems that need to be put in place for successful delegation. At first delegation can be difficult and may take a lot of an entrepreneur’s time.

Here are some basic tasks/ projects that an entrepreneur can delegate to the virtual assistant:

– Managing emails is time consuming and it can stand in the way of top priority tasks. Allow your VA to manage your e-mail account along with your personal e-mail account and ask him/ her to keep you updated on any important news.

– Handling contacts: collecting and maintaining records of contact details is an essential business task. Provide your virtual assistant with your shared address book to add contacts from business cards or synchronise them digitally on different channels like telephone contact book, Facebook, Skype, etc. In addition, ask for at least two backups of all of the contacts.

– Invoicing: this task involves a lot of repetition and therefore should be delegated.

– Social media: social media presence is critical in today’s online world. Everyone from the very young to the very old has some sort of social media following. You don’t want to miss out on the opportunity to get their attention using this powerful media. But social media is another one of those time sucking activities that can steal you away from your most important business tasks. Once you determine how you want to handle your social media, delegate this task to a virtual assistant.

– Data presentations: assign the responsibility of making any important Power Point presentations to a VA, who would perform the tasks as per your specifications, and make the most of your productive time.

Using a few simple delegation techniques will set you up for success with your virtual assistant. At Global Virtual Partners, we want to help you succeed feeling less overwhelmed in the process. Contact us today to find out more.