Testimonial 1

“We have been using Global Virtual Partners for a while now and we can say with full confidence that they are great to work with and we are very pleased with the relationship. Having a partner that comes at an affordable price and that takes time to understand our business is an incredible asset. GVP’s operation highlights both flexibility and motivation. They live up to their reputation of being reliable and courteous. You can relax knowing that when a new opportunity comes along that they are behind the scenes ready to apply whatever is needed to get the job secured and our business is working and growing efficiently.

Peter is a key element to our relationship. He shows expert interpersonal skills delivered in a calm and professional way. His warmth combined with a reliable and courteous service makes it very easy to say that we will continue to grow our relationship with GVP. We would highly recommend GVP to anyone looking for reliable and professional support.”

Phillip Hayward, Firstforex Limited, www.firstforex.co.uk

Testimonial 2

“It has been a pleasure working with Global Virtual Partners, especially with Peter Stackliff, who I have known long before he started his new venture with GVP having previously worked with him in the USA.

Peter is a very dedicated, diligent and trustworthy person, who not only gets the job done but goes out of his way to make sure the project runs smoothly. His knowledge across many fields makes him invaluable in understanding what is needed in finding the correct approach, whatever the job requires…He is easy going but very determined and looks for the right solution for the issues at hand. Anyone looking to use Global Virtual Partners, will not be disappointed, I highly recommend their services.”

David Satchell, Artinnovation Limited

Testimonial 3

“I have had the opportunity to work with Global Virtual Partners since May 2019. I have been most impressed with the level of organisation, technological know-how, interpersonal skills, and work ethic displayed. I look forward to continuing this professional relationship for many years to come. I can wholeheartedly recommend their services without reservations.”

Miguel Miranda, Netico, www.netico.pt

Global Virtual Partners is a one-stop solution for busy executives looking to hire virtual assistants. Our clients benefit from a team of assistants. The team is small enough to remain intimate and personal, but large enough to ensure that each client request is completed by a person uniquely qualifies for the task. Click here to find out more about our services.