An event assistant works closely with an event planner so as to facilitate the event planner’s workload. Tasks can vary, from mundane office tasks, to meeting with important clients. The level of liability assumed by the event assistant depends upon how much they’re trusted by their event planner. The role of the event wizard is an entry level position that generally just requires high school diploma. That said, those intending to become full blown event planners typically earn a bachelor’s degree in marketing, public relations or related fields. Pretty much every business puts on events, which suggests they all employ event assistants.

Event assistants can either work directly for a business or be utilised by an event marketing agency. Event assistant duties and responsibilities vary widely, as they’re largely determined by which tasks are assigned by the event planner. We read through several event assistant job descriptions to put together the following list of core duties and responsibilities.

– Help in event logistics. Event logistics comprises things such as creating seating arrangements, choosing a menu, booking a venue, finding entertainment and everything else related to coordinating an event.
– An event assistant must be capable to multitask, as they wear many hats through the lifecycle of an event.
– Maintain communication with event suppliers through the lifecycle of each event. An event assistant must be an excellent “schmoozer”, as one of their main tasks is maintaining relationships with major suppliers through an event’s lifecycle. Keeping everybody happy and productive through the event planning process requires good verbal communication and conflict management skills.
– Accurately manage expenses in accordance with budgetary requirements.

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