A virtual assistant is a self-employed administrative or personal/ exevutive assistant who works remotely for various clients. When most people hear virtual assistant, they assume it’s a secretary who works from home. However, the field has exploded to a wide range of skill sets which might be valuable to several professionals. Nowadays, a virtual assistant is someone many busy professionals just cannot do without.

Why do people hire virtual assistants? Many people wonder how virtual assistants stay in business. A full-time administrative assistant can cost anyplace from £35,000 to £50,000 or more. That is not even including benefits and bonuses. That is a hefty price if you just need their help on a few projects. A virtual assistant makes ends meet by working for several people. So you may hire them to work for only the hours or tasks that you need them for.

What can a virtual assistant do? There are a number of virtual assistants and they all have different skills. Some might do accounts, do research or social networking. Here are only a few things they may help you with.

– Upload blogs or e-mail newsletters
– Respond to e-mails
– Answer phone calls
– Help you hire other employees
– Write and distribute standard business communication
– Prepare presentations
– Manage your social accounts
– Coordinate with suppliers – place orders for new supplies
– Etc.

There are so many things virtual assistant may do; we cannot list them all!

Many people look at VAs as little more than executive assistants. But it’s more complicated than that! It’s true that in some circumstances we might be performing some of the traditional tasks associated with administrative work. But the list of services that a VA can offer is amazingly diverse.