As a brand new VA, who had been also new to the on-line business world, I absolutely would have asked the question, what’s a sales funnel? But just a few short years later, they are my favourite things to build and I can see so many opportunities for a VA to offer her/ his help to a business owner setting up a funnel. Let us get a little technical on the details of a sales funnels, and after that see what a VA has to offer.

What is a sales funnel? To put it simply, a sales funnel is the process a business takes people through from finding out what the company is to becoming a customer. We call it a funnel because it is much wider at the top – where individuals learn about business – than it’s at the bottom, where individuals make a purchase and become a customer. Sales funnels can vary from basic to quite complicated – but the basic structure looks like this: a company the owner’s market or audience is the group of individuals they are targeting. These are people they have either reached or specific people they would like to reach, through targeted ads. For example, someone selling baby products could target parents, or, someone selling organic baby wrap may want to reach naturally minded women that are pregnant. This is the top of the funnel and the broadest part. A lead is someone who has shown interest in something you’ve to offer – usually free content. They have clicked on an ad, opted in for a freebie, followed or liked your Facebook page, commented on a blog post, or subscribed to your electronic mailing list. A potential client has taken one more step – they have replied to an e-mail, gone through a nurturing e-mail sequence, asked a question, browsed a store or product, etc.

These are also called hot lead because they have shown interest past receiving a piece of free content. Clearly, the goal is to turn as many individuals as possible in real customers. The small end of the sales funnel is the individuals who make a purchase. Why does a business owner need a sale funnel? For many company owners, especially creative company owners, the hardest part of running a business is finding new customers. They know they’ve great product that solves the problem, but they need help selling it. A virtual assistant can help you build a sales funnel, writing all of the ad copy, building the landing page, and even integrating a shopping cart into your website!

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