Hiring a virtual assistant is a process that can help improve your overall productivity and the stability of your business through a wide range of benefits like reduced payroll expenditure, enhanced efficiency, and increased production. Nevertheless, as in any other step involved with operating a business, there might be some risks involved whenever you hire and work with a remote virtual assistant. Fortunately, you can steer clear of such risks by heeding the next 4 tips, offering you maximum protection against fraud, cybercrime, and any other forms of mishap that may negatively affect your working relationship with your virtual assistant.

Have a computer forensics team on standby. Begin taking preventive measures to minimise the likelihood of something going wrong during your work with a virtual assistant, it is best to have a backup strategy that you could rely on. Since the essential business data is frequently probably the most precious assets entrusted to virtual assistants, it is smart to look for a competent team of computer forensic specialists who will be capable to assist you recover lost, stolen, or damaged data. One example of an industry leading firm in this field is Secure Forensics, a provider of computer forensics, private investigations, and data breach response services.

Use employee monitoring software – given that you’ve a way of getting your crucial files back if the virtual assistant is accidentally or intentionally confused with your data, it is time to put them to work inside of an on-line employee tracking or project management interface. The goal here’s to achieve full transparency by giving yourself the capability to view your employees’ digital activities. Some may feel that this is a little invasive, but if the goal is to create a completely safe working relationship like the kind you’d see in a large corporation, then having staff work within a monitored company network is always the best approach.

Limit access and privileges – another way to prevent the unlikely event of your virtual assistants damaging aspects of one’s business is to only give them the info and the access they must complete their jobs.