The summer is around the corner. But not all of us can enjoy the sunshine, beach or the heat.

A study from Captivate found that during the summer, workplace productivity goes down 20 percent. Additionally, attendance dips (by 19 percent), project turnaround times increase (by 13 percent), and people are more distracted, with 45 percent reporting they grapple with distractions.

In those businesses working at ‘half gas’, there are always those in the office ‘holding down the fort’. For those, it is not always easy to keep concentration and daily work routines and it is even possible that Summer distractions could have an impact on productivity. If this is your case, below are some tips on how to keep focused and productive during those (lonely) and long Summer days.

  • Plan your day. The best way to stay focused is to keep a well-defined diary. Organise your tasks, define your priorities and timescales for those tasks, but, above all, stick to your diary.
  • Update your skills. In contrast with the rest of the year, the Summer months are always quieter in terms of work volume. Take this time to keep abreast of the latest industry trends and acquire new skills. During the ‘downtime’ attend webinars, read articles pertinent to your field and participate in free online courses.
  • Review your projects lists and tasks. Make the most of your time and review projects that you were involved in/are involved in. This way, you will not only have a clear understanding of the state of play of these projects, but you will also know how to prioritise each one.
  • Keep busy. If you have completed all your work for the Summer, don’t stay in the office waiting for the time to pass by. Use the free time to review work done and (if needed) fix and improve certain details, clean up your inbox, update your company’s website, etc.
  • Establish objectives. Sometimes it is not enough to keep our motivation levels high and have a well-defined diary, we need more than that to succeed. Define a goal for yourself (professionally), something that motivates you until the end of the Summer, e.g. come up with a new improvement proposal, etc.
  • Make the most of your free time and do something you have been procrastinating over. E.g. start working on that project that has been left for months on the back burner because it was not a priority.
  • Make the most of your best hours. We’re more productive at certain times of the day than at others. Align your working schedule to the most productive time of your day.
  • Reinforce morale. To help with morale, gather your colleagues and plan something fun e.g. a lunch out, a team event, sport activities, outdoor activities, etc.
  • Reorganise your working desk. Throughout the year we tend to accumulate a lot of paperwork, go through your drawers and get rid of unnecessary clutter and paper.