If you are getting to the point in your business where you’re feeling swamped, hiring a virtual assistant can help take the pressure off.

You could be forgiven for thinking that a virtual assistant only takes on the more traditional aspects of a personal or administrative assistant but without taking up desk space in your office. Whilst a VA can of course offer you diary and inbox management, the remit of an online assistant does not stop there.

Finding a virtual assistant today is easier than ever. Thanks to the internet, there are multiple sites where you can connect with the right assistant for you. There are more benefits of hiring a virtual office assistant than we could possibly list here. Here are just a few examples to consider:

• Reduce costs. The savings you generate from making use of virtual assistants basically boil down to how they are able to work immediately, how they are already experienced in what you hire them for, as well as how you no longer have to pay for any overhead compared to an in-house employee. If there are any tasks you need done and are reluctant in hiring a full-time employee, make use of a VA.

• Increased productivity. More than ever, executive productivity is at a premium among all management teams that I speak with. Ironically, most organisations offer little or no administrative support to their executive and producer teams. So how is it possible for true leadership to emerge, for internal teams, for new products and services, for strategy, for new market development, etc? One clear solution is virtual assistance. A virtual assistant can help you become a better leader by enabling you to organize your day for maximum efficiency, by handling all the routine but important tasks that need to be managed, and by enabling you to spend more time on strategic priorities.

• Increased flexibility. Virtual assistants are flexible and can work around your schedule to provide you support when you need it most. You only pay for time spent on your project and work can be done outside of normal business hours.

• Specific task expertise. Virtual assistant are highly skilled with many years of high level administrative experience. They work quickly and efficiently while requiring little or no training. An efficient assistant will take less time to produce much higher quality work than a less skilled assistant who will work for a lower hourly wage.

• Grow your business. Once an entrepreneur has successfully navigated the first few months of his or her start-up phase, the focus typically shifts to a larger but more exciting challenge: “How do I grow my business?” In various ways, business development represents another kind of start-up phase, but this time with different goals, objectives and risks. An entrepreneur will not have the financial capacity to take on big risks at this stage and must therefore be more strategic and purposeful in his or her approach. The best option? Integrate virtual assistants into the plan to provide several advantages.

What’s stopping you?
Now that you know how beneficial a virtual office assistant can be for your company, what’s stopping you from hiring one?

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