Diary management is one of many challenging tasks that a busy entrepreneur has to juggle. With so much going on, taking the extra time required to optimise your diary is nearly impossible. But these are the kind of activities which are ideal for a virtual assistant to assist you with. Any experienced VA will be capable to assist you with virtual diary management. Juggling your appointments, meetings, presentations and personal life could make for a labyrinthine diary which requires a serious brain to make sense of. But, with our diary management skills you can begin to regain control of your ever-changing executive diary. The first thing you may do to help yourself out is contract a VA service. As mentioned before, virtual assistants are experts at this and will use the most up to date diary management software to keep you in the loop about your appointments and also to be sure that your daily diary is not too overwhelming. Second of all, we’d suggest investing in a smartphone and signing up to a cloud-based diary service, like Google Calendar or Apple iCloud. This may mean that whenever your virtual assistant updates your on-line business diary, the info will automatically sync across all of your devices. Your VA may also update your diary management system with notes, link you to maps for locations and attach documents, like minutes of previous meetings and actions lists.

Your diary and calendar time management will greatly improve when you hire a virtual assistant. For example, a virtual assistant can confirm all of your appointments for a week in advance by text or email. Asking someone to manage your diary might be one of the best business decisions you ever make. It means better time-management, less opportunity for double-booking and makes a real difference to how you can grow your business.

If you can see the benefits of investing in a virtual assistant to manage your diary so that you can work more effectively on your business or would like to learn more about outsourcing to a virtual assistant, feel free to call us on +44 (0) 7734 221544 or email us at enquiries@globalvirtualpartners.com.