Remote work is becoming increasingly more popular, and it is with valid reason. Remote work offers flexibility for workers, boosts productivity, and assists top businesses find the most talented employees around the world. Remote work also allows companies and salespeople alike to scale business operations quickly, take on more customers, and generate more revenue. Nevertheless, it is hard to grow if you do not have anyone assisting you with mundane tasks. This post will offer insights to the advantages of having a virtual assistant, and what virtual assistants may do for you, so you’re able to employ the right fit the very first time.

What’re the advantages of hiring a virtual assistant? Technavio’s analysts predict that the global virtual assistant market will grow at a compound annual growth rate of 11.60% up through 2021. In addition, Intuit predicts that 40% of the U.S. Workforce will be made up of virtual assistants by 2020. This makes sense considering how it benefits both, virtual assistants and companies. One of the many benefits of hiring a virtual assistant is the cost savings – it is nearly 3 times cheaper to employ a virtual assistant than it’s to employ a full-time employee. What do virtual assistants do? Your curiosity is formally piqued, and you can be ready to employ a virtual assistant to begin helping you with a few of the tasks you do not want to handle yourself.

But, just what are those tasks? They cannot manage personal tasks like picking up your children and do your laundry, but here are a few things you can ask of a virtual assistant:

Social media management – social internet marketing is a full-time job; one you probably do not have time to do. Nevertheless, you cannot just let this job go. It isn’t discretionary anymore considering that more than 40% of digital customers use social network to research products or new brands. An inexpensive solution to your social network woes is to employ a virtual assistant to look after it for you. This way, you can be certain that your clients can find you through all social networks, but you do not have to spend time continuously updating your profile.

Event Management – depending on your organisation’s goals, company culture, and customer/employee rewards programs, you may be tasked with putting on awesome events. Again, event planning requires special talents and lots of work. To get the most out of the event, it is better to outsource to a qualified virtual assistant.

Managing calendars, appointments, and e-mails – how many unread e-mails do you currently have in your inbox? How many of these are junk e-mails and how many of them are urgent e-mails you should get to right away? Likewise, have you ever ran into a problem with double booking yourself on one day and having your calendar wide open the next? Whenever you hire a virtual assistant, one of the main tasks they’ll handle is sorting through your e-mails and booking appointments when it is sensible. That way, you will not have calendar issues and won’t miss important emails.

Reporting – even the very best dash panel tool cannot replace the human touch with regards to preparing a report. Reporting is a vital function, but occasionally you simply do not have time to pull the details together yourself. Do not worry. You can hire a virtual assistant to assist you put together reports. Then, you may use the reports to make better business decisions.

Managing bookings – does your job require a lot of networking that takes up a lot of your time? You can handle the networking but let your personal assistant handle restaurants and hotel bookings for you or your company partners or clients.

Digital online marketing tasks – marketing is another full-time job you will need help within your organisation. While you might wish to employ a full-time marketing professional or outsource to an agency, you may use the virtual assistant to manage simple marketing tasks. There are various more jobs you can outsource to virtual assistants. The most crucial thing, however, is properly communicating what you will need them to do and what’s expected of them.

The very best way to set the right expectations from the get-go, and maintain a mutually beneficial on-going relationship, is to write a solid job description. The last thing you would like to do is spend more time than is needed to find a suitable virtual assistant. There are plenty of virtual assistants available on the marketplace, and you would need to find the one which has the skills you need and meshes well with your personality.