Despite bold visions and big plans, it is too easy for entrepreneurs to get bogged down in the routine tasks involved with building a successful business. Even whenever you put in long hours and personal sacrifice, it may be a struggle to get everything done. This could be the turning point that determines the failure or success of a start-up venture. Will you adapt and delegate efficiently, or will you burn out as a one person show? In almost any business, there are some critical tasks that cannot be ignored, but it can distract entrepreneurs from the work they do best. This is particularly true for small businesses or start-ups who aren’t ready to employ full – time support staff. A virtual assistant may come to the rescue. Here is why it is time to consider hiring one of your very own. VAs work within your budget – you know you need help, but you are not ready to employ a full-time administrative employee. There is a high degree of flexibility with virtual assistants. Establish what you can really afford to pay, then find a pro who’ll work within those parameters. You won’t have to pay benefits or be locked in long-term contracts.

They might work on their very own time or set a routine that works well with your workplace hours and schedule. They can fulfil several roles – perhaps you need more basic or specific help, like a receptionist or someone to update Microsoft Excel files. Perhaps you’d benefit from high level support, like a virtual business manager capable of creating the processes and forms that your growing company needs. VAs may also be personal assistants managing a mix of business and personal tasks.