Data entry is time consuming and, let us face it, not the most exciting of tasks. And whether you are running your very own property business or heading up an entire wing of a hospital, you probably have other, more pressing tasks to attend to. That is where a virtual assistant comes in. For companies with a ton of data entry, a virtual assistant means the distinction between hours every day getting sucked up by mundane tasks and hours every day spent focusing on these other, bigger picture jobs that only you may do. Nobody can run a flourishing business on their very own. And with a Global Virtual Partners’ virtual assistant, you not only do you not have to do it alone, but you may do it affordably. That is since our virtual assistants come in at a fraction of the cost of a full-time employee, and they are only paid for the jobs assigned to them. Calculate what it costs to pay a worker to do 15 or 20 hours of data entry a week, and after that check out our pricing options to compare. See what we mean? Whether it is logging medical files or assessing accuracy, here’s what they may do!

– Check all data
– Delete any pointless or extraneous files
– Keep records of all activities and tasks
– Prepare all your data for entry
– Data conversion
– Processing forms
– Make sure your data is filed accurately
– Administrative support

Do you regularly need to manage a lot of data? If you do, perhaps a data entry virtual assistant could be the most practical solution to keep your e-commerce site or database up-to-date and contacts maintained. Why not talk to us about data entry support? To find out more about data entry help and advice, call us today on +44 (0) 7734 221544 or email us at