How often have you stared at your inbox, or shuffled the piles of paper on your desk and thought, I am drowning in things to do!? , Or maybe you bravely make a to-do list every Monday, knowing full well that by Friday it will have doubled, and you will have nothing, but anxiety and a clenched jaw to show for it? Welcome to the world of multitasking, over scheduling and stress. Fortunately, we’ve some really great news for you: there is hope. You’ll find solutions, relief and perhaps even good night’s sleep in the shape of a virtual assistant.

Technically, a virtual assistant is somebody who remotely provides professional services to clients. They’re usually self-employed, and offer technical, administrative, or creative support and assistance. Plus they could make your life a whole lot easier. But where do you begin? Just what exactly could you outsource efficiently, and what kind of services could you expect? We have got answers – in the shape of this list of top things to outsource to your virtual assistant.

– Travel research and arrangements: have your VA research on destinations, hotels and fares, define the details and search options for you.
– Email management: if your inbox is insane, ask your VA to give it some structure, delete spam, sort messages by subject and highlight e-mails that need your attention. Even better, make them build projects on your on-line collaboration software.
– To-do lists: have your VA review your calendar and on-line task management system and ask them to type up a daily to-do list.
– Appointment setting: save time by having them set up your personal and business appointments.
– Ordering supplies: develop an office supply inventory spreadsheet. Your VA can conduct the first steps and, if appropriate, prepare reports. Proofreading and editing: self-editing is difficult.
– Have your VA review your site posts, letters, news release along with other publications for errors.
– Collections: slow or non-paying clients cost time and money. Assign the collection process to your VA.
– PR: your VA can serve as your news release contact person.
– Presentation development: send your notes to your VA and ask her to convert them into a PowerPoint or other form of presentation.
– Content creation: is your VA talented author or artist? Take advantage of these talents by asking her/ him to produce content for your company.
– Social network Updates: your VA can upgrade your social network accounts and responds to communications.
– Email list management: do you’ve struggle with e newsletter or electronic mailing list? Delegate the responsibilities of updating lists, sending mailings and amassing analytics to your VA.
– Obtaining quotes: need to buy a service or product? Your VA may request quotes from providers on your behalf.
– Hiring: your VA can place a job advertisement, sort through applications and help you check references or run background checks.

Maybe you have tasks that you don’t want to do or take too much of your time. The list of services we offer is endless and evolves every day as we develop our expertise to serve our clients in the latest technology and the most efficient procedures. Please contact us on +44 (0) 7734 221544 or email us at to discuss how your business could benefit from a virtual assistant.