Which virtual assistant tasks are you ready to take off your plate?
That should be a question that you’re asking yourself almost every week. As your business is getting off the ground and starting to grow, you need to make sure that you are not the only one doing all of the work. Getting into a trap where you are the only one performing all of the tasks for your business is a very slippery slope to go down. Below are 8 of the top tasks VAs do well:

Article/online directory submission virtual assistant – there is a large number of what we call online directories, for articles and commercial information available online. You might have your VA submit to these resources to construct your backlinks and help with off-page search and local search optimisation.

Administrative writing VA tasks – these can include writing and sending out event invitations or greeting cards, audio/video transcription, preparing meeting minutes, etc.

Basic bookkeeping virtual assistant tasks – even though there are various available tools on-line that make bookkeeping more manageable, it might still take some time to learn and master such tools. You can hire a Virtual Assistant who’s already experienced with such tools or learn this for you to save time.

Communication liaison – when you’re building a virtual team, it may be tiring and confusing to have to communicate. You might have your virtual assistant be your primary point person to provide you updates on everybody’s activities, as well as deliver any message you wish to give.

Content virtual assistant – when running an on-line business, it’s impossible to ignore the importance of regular content creation. Despite that, the research and writing may eat up a big chunk of your time. Therefore, ask your VA to do that task to take this load off your shoulder because they can research and write enticing content.

Client Support Services – when you’re a growing business, it’s essential to respond to any request or questions from your clients promptly. Nevertheless, most company owners don’t have time to do that themselves.

Data entry virtual assistant – gathering information/data or having your own bulk of information organised is essential in every business, despite how time consuming and painstaking it is. Fortunately, a lot of Virtual Assistants are effective in this kind of task.

Hosting server administration – you can trust an extremely technical Virtual Assistant to assist you with managing your hosting and the web sites within your hosting.