Some say the future of work is remote. More and more industries are testing this new way of working. Here are some of the best tools to help your remote team collaborate productively, creatively, and seamlessly.

• Slack. Team communication platform for talking to team members.
• Remote work tool to track time zones and locations of team members.
• Whereby. One-click video call software for team meetings.

• Asana. Project management software for collaborating on projects and tasks.
• Notion. Project management software that allows you to build your own interface.
• Hubstaff. Time tracking and productivity monitoring tool.
• Zapier. Multi-level integration app that creates connection between tools.
• Loom. Screen recording software for creating and sharing videos.

Content creation & design
• Visme. All-in-one content creation tool with dynamic team collaboration features.
• PicMonkey. Photo editing and cropping images.
• Grammarly. Digital writing assistant that supports clear and effective communication.
• Google Docs. Cloud-based documents for real-time content creation and collaboration.

Sales & Marketing
• Pipedrive. Sales CRM tool that automatically feeds leads into sales pipelines.
• Agora pulse. Social media management tool for scheduling and managing online content.
• Zoom. Video conferencing software for hosting meetings with prospects and clients.
• Livestorm. Webinar software for hosting live informational video streams.
• Respona. All-in-one PR and link building software that combines personalisation with productivity.

File sharing
• Google drive. Cloud-based file sharing and storage system for teams.
• Dropbox. Collaborative file sharing with folder organisation and commenting capabilities.