Just like the number of tasks a virtual assistant can perform is unlimited so is the number of digital tools out there. Here is a list of tools that can make a real difference on the job:

• Communication tools: Slack, Zoom, Skype. These applications are great for scheduling meetings and setting up phone or video calls.

• Task management: Task pigeon. Task pigeon is very easy to use. Manage and collaborate on your team’s everyday tasks with ease.

• Time tracking: Toogl and Time doctor. Simple to use time trackers. Enter your activity, select a project and clients and then start timing.

• File sharing and management: Dropbox, Google Drive. Reliable file-syncing and storage service with enhanced collaboration features.

• Social tools: Hootsuite, Buffer. Execute social media strategies across multiple social media networks, including Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn, Pinterest and YouTube.

• Website builders: WordPress. Sign up for a free account and get a fully functioning website.

• Zone management: World Time Buddy. World Time Buddy (WTB) is a convenient world clock, a time zone converter, and an online meeting scheduler.

• Email management: Microsoft Outlook. Easily organise your email, calendar, and files in one app with Microsoft Outlook.

• Keyword research: Ubersuggest. Ubersuggest allows you to get insight into the strategies that are working for others in your market so you can adopt them, improve them, and gain an edge.

• Transcription: Express Scribe. Express Scribe is professional audio player software for PC or Mac designed to help transcribe audio recordings.

• Password management: Lastpass.com. LastPass, an award-winning password manager, saves your passwords and gives you secure access from every computer and mobile device.

• Calendar: Microsoft Outlook, Google calendar. You can quickly schedule meetings and events and get reminders about upcoming activities, so you always know what’s next.

Final thoughts…

For every freelancer, there are virtual assistant tools that will surely help you get the task done well and take your business to the next level. From productivity to communication to marketing and more.