Among the biggest business news stories in the world right now is the coronavirus pandemic, and it is affecting all sorts of businesses from travel to industry events to global supply chains. The Stock Exchange has entered a brand-new wave of volatility, prominent business networking events have been cancelled or postponed, cross border travel constraints are complicating or cancelling people’s international travels itineraries. During times of crisis it is important to maintain calm and keep in mind that you may still find tons of things which we may control and lots of ways that we may make a difference. We’ve identified three critical business-driven priorities for sales teams during this crisis:

– Keep nurturing your business leads. Just like stocking up on supplies that you think your home might need in case of a quarantine, you need to stock up, on sales prospects. During these uncertain times, businesses have to make some adjustments to their strategies. With the buying power of many customers decreasing, it’s also time to rethink your lead generation.

– Reengineer your solutions to help with coronavirus problems. Spend some time re-thinking and changing the angle on what are the key benefits of your products and services in a way that is relevant to coronavirus concerns.

– Polish your sales presentation. Start repackaging your sales pitch into a full-blown virtual presentation. Be prepared to do more of your pitch over the web instead of on-site meetings.

Some leaders are perceiving this crisis as a leap forward into a new operating rhythm, a different way of interacting with clients. Others expect a swift return to face time once the danger has passed.
Turn this crisis into opportunity. Think about new ways to connect with your customers to help them solve their problems. Do more listening than talking and get your people the help they need to do their jobs more efficiently.