A social media calendar can help you visualize all your planned posts for the next weeks or months ahead. And on top of that, it will help you craft your posts in advance so that you always have something ready to share. Here are our tips to help you set up a social media calendar:

Decide on keywords. The foundation of search marketing is built on keywords. Search marketers know that conducting continuous keyword research and keyword analysis is critical to achieving success with organic and paid search advertising. But conducting and implementing keyword research is also highly effective for social media marketing. Conducting keyword research for social media enables you to discover the needs and wants of social communities.

Choose a mix of content. Refer to your brand focus and your audience’s goals to identify the right mix of content purposes. Each piece of content should have one clearly defined purpose – no more, no less. Sure, you may argue that you want to both entertain and inform, but unless you clarify which purpose trumps the other in this particular piece of content, you’re likely to fail in both.

Work out a post schedule. Scheduling your posts in advance is the easiest way to save time on the platform so that you can focus on what matters. Whether you’re a solo entrepreneur or the head of a multinational team, the more complex your marketing efforts are, the more helpful a scheduling tool becomes. That’s because consistent, high-quality content is easier to plan, craft and share when some of the grunt work has been automated.

Create a collaborative content creation. Collaboration is critical to the success of any content creation project. We all agree that collaboration is awesome for idea generation. We acknowledge that it is necessary for greasing the project skids and keeping folks in the loop. What we often miss completely is that collaboration plays a huge role in our ability to preserve ideas and constantly improve our work processes.

Track and measure success. The only way to see what’s working is to set measurable goals for each piece of content, then see if the post achieved the metrics. By setting tangible goals you can have your blog grow in a positive direction for your business for the long-term.

In conclusion:
A social media calendar will save you time and allow you to track and test different strategies to see what resonates most with your audience. A social media content calendar is arguably the most important device in any social media strategy. Planning and scheduling content saves time and helps reduce the chance for errors or over posting.