Advances in technology have made way for a brand-new type of working in the events industry. There are more opportunities than ever before to work from home, with superb results. Event planning has got smarter and technology has opened up possibilities to work globally and flexibly. Virtual working implies that you could share your skills more broadly and broaden your pool of clients around the world.

Collaboration and business expansion opportunities might be harnessed from the comfort of your armchair to create a network of virtual employees around the world to work with you towards a common goal. This handy how-to guide can assist you to become an on-line freelancer, to set up your profile, to set your price, stay organised and be successful.

No more office, only you planning the events that you love! So, what’re the opportunities for this new generation of event planners and how may you begin to offer your virtual event planning services? To get started as a virtual event planner first you should decide on what you can and wish to provide. Clearly as an events assistant you would like to organise, plan or manage events, but you need to determine in what capacity and the services that you offer. For instance: are you creative? You can look at providing design services for event logo’s, publications and promotional materials. Perhaps you’re more excited about marketing events and want to support with event promotion, event contests, social network pages or on-line accounts for a specific event. Or, you excel at getting in contact with clients, attendees and sponsors to source funds and create opportunities. Your focus could be assisting with administrative duties or invoicing. Or, you might have plenty of experience with the legal side, like contracts and terms and conditions. Or, event health and safety. You might wish to provide event consultations for all those who’re looking to organise their very own events if you’ve good all-round experience. Eventually the options are limitless.

Setting your price – this could be the most difficult part of virtual or freelance event planning, particularly if you’ve little to no experience of working on one’s own. There are two risks here with setting your price. Too low – this tells prospects clients that either your services are not worth it or that you’ve no confidence in yourself, which suggests you’ll either be working yourself to the bone to survive on the little money you are offered or you will not get any offers at all. Too high – this is usually where individuals go wrong to start with and may mean that you do not get the clients because you’re undercut on price each time, or the worse part, you get hired by a client which has high expectations because they’re paying a high rate and you cannot deliver, that will influence your client feedback, ratings and might be really damaging. The key is to find a happy medium that permits you to show your worth to the client, while offering a competitive pricing over other virtual workers to get the project.