For a marketer, there is nothing worse than struggling with a creative block. When you are pressed to create on a deadline, but you simply cannot think of something original for a post or campaign, it is easy to fall into despair. In fact, that is probably why you are here. We all need some inspiration now and after that to help us shake off the rust and get back to creating awesome stuff. Regardless of where your audience is most active, you are sure to find something you have not shown them before. Social platforms like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Snapchat are the new homes of conducting business, creating client bases and advertising products. However, the overwhelming presence of businesses on these platforms creates a good deal of pressure for companies trying to beat out their competitors. Here are some super useful social media resources. If you are going to excel in social network, you need the right tools. These downloadable templates and resources will assist you do something with the inspiration you will get from this post.

Social media calendar templates: plan everything of your posts in advance.
Microsoft excel downloadable template
Google drive

Business social media management tools.
Sprout social
Social Champ

Social media bookshelf – here’s a short list of some of the gems currently available.
• Anderson, Chris The Long Tail and Free. As a lower cost alternative, you can read the original articles on Wired’s site.
• Brogan, Chris and Julien Smith Trust Agents.
• Gladwell, Malcolm The Tipping Point and Blink.
• Godin, Seth Tribes and Linchpin.

Other social media sources. Here are a set of articles that help structure your social media marketing.
• 360i’s Social Media Handbook. Great free guide for marketers.
• Exact Target’s Social Media and Email Research. Widely referenced research that’s worth your time. Its charts will help you make the social media and email case to your boss!
• What’s Your Social Media Rationale. Do you need to make the case to use or expand your use of social media marketing? If so, this column will help you.
• How Social Media Has Changed Marketing’s 4Ps. Outlines how social media has influenced the traditional 4Ps of marketing.