Posting regularly and consistently is a major part of any effective social media strategy. However, it’s completely normal for business owners to feel stuck sometimes and not know what to post.

The toughest part of running any sort of social media campaign? Coming up with new ideas.

Quality content that attracts users’ attention and keeps them informed is important. People will be excited to see what you post next, which makes them more likely to engage with your posts—and maybe even become a customer.

Here are some social media post ideas for your small business:

Share your latest blog post
Need to get your published content in front of more people? Sharing your latest blog posts on your social profiles! This can help drive more traffic to your website and give your audience a more in-depth look on a specific subject.

Share a testimonial
Testimonials are a great way to build buy-in for your product or service. People are more likely to try out a new product or service if they know that other people support it. You can repurpose your online reviews as testimonials, or reach out to specific customers and ask for a more detailed review of your business.

Conduct an interview
Serving as an alternative to a traditional Q&A session, social media has made it arguably easier than ever to conduct interviews.

Engage audiences in real-time with live video
Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram all have options to go live. Live video is a great way to engage your audience, especially since social media platforms notify your followers when you’re on air.

A sweepstakes or giveaway.
These do require a prize (which usually isn’t free). But if you’ve got enough time to promote them, these type of posts can do very well.

Company accomplishments
Has your company recently achieved something?
Did you win an award? Were you featured in a positive news article?

Whatever the case may be, you can use these company accomplishments to increase your credibility. Share this news with your social media followers.

A fun way to interact with your customers (and have them interact with each other) is through voting! It also gives you feedback that is useful for improvement of a product or a service.

Post an infographic
Infographics tell you a lot in a short space of time. The Economist magazine is the king of the infographic and has a whole data team working on visualizations that tell their stories.

Answer FAQs
Another way to highlight your knowledge (and solve potential customers’ problems) is to create a social media post that answers a common question.

Share industry-related content of others
One area often overlooked by business owners unfamiliar with social media is to share others’ content.

Final thoughts…

Social media platforms have massive long-term benefits if you’re willing to put in the time and effort to engage with your audience in unique and creative ways. Each platform has its benefits but above all else, make sure you choose the networks that fits best with your target audience.