• Flexibility. There’s a great degree of flexibility with virtual assistants which makes hiring a possibility for business owners. You can hire virtual assistants only as needed. You can make use of their services 24/7.
  • Spend more time with your family and friends. A virtual assistant can free up precious time so you can network or spend more time with your family. Virtual assistants can help you organise your day-to-day and take care of all the non-essential tasks so you can focus on the bigger picture – use a virtual assistant to master your work-life balance. Instead of spending months learning a new skillset, it is wiser to hire a virtual assistant with the experience.
  • Keep you organised. Organisation saves you time and money. If responding to emails is taking several hours a day, your office is over-run with papers, you missed a press release deadline, or your customer service is suffering, a virtual assistant can help. A good virtual assistant will be one step ahead of you, keeping you in check and managing the administrative side of your business efficiently.
  • Save you money. A good virtual assistant can save your business time and money and help your business grow. A client only pays for the work performed with no extra expenses such as wage deductions, benefits, office equipment or supplies. You will be able to save money on recruitment costs, continuous professional development and personal or professional development, training, appraisals, health & safety, human resources and legal costs.

Through outsourcing, companies are able to streamline costs and continue to stay on course with their revenue generation programs.

  • Increase your productivity. Virtual assistants are a secret weapon of start-up owners and busy entrepreneurs to boost productivity. “Productivity is being able to do things that you were never able to do before.” – Franz Kafka.

A virtual assistant can handle everything from answering emails to developing your marketing strategy. Before hiring a virtual assistant do a cost analysis to determine the benefit to your company. Start by making a list of the daily tasks that take more of your time and you hate doing. Then write down all the things that you would accomplish with the extra time and determine the revenue that these tasks would generate to your business. Calculate the cost of a virtual assistant and compare the cost to the increased revenue you could bring in by delegating these tasks. It’s the future. The virtual assistant is the future of business and start-ups.  Put simply, “having a personal assistant to support yourself and your business helps put processes in place for continued growth and scalability in the future,” says Entrepreneur.com. By delegating work to virtual assistants that does not come naturally, isn’t enjoyable, or isn’t cost-effective, business owners regain their time, peace of mind, work-life balance and profitability.