Hiring a virtual assistant is an important step for any business. Therefore, it is important to be prepared by arming yourself with the right questions. When hiring a virtual assistant, conducting an interview is very important. Interviewing a prospective employee lets you know what that applicant is capable of. Making the wrong choice can be a big headache, not to mention a waste of time and effort. We put together below a small list of questions you should ask:

• What are your core skills? This question is crucial to find out if the candidate matches your job requirements. The last thing you want to do is plug someone into a role that isn’t the right fit.

• How many clients do you have right now? Ensure your potential candidate is not overwhelmed with work and the she/ he will give your business the dedication and time it requires.

• What methods do you prefer for communication? Work with your virtual assistant to establish a preferred method of communication. Choose what works for both.

• What are your working hours? If you are not from the same country, keep in mind that your virtual assistant lives in a different time zone. Ask whether she/he would agree to work to your schedule. Being available when you are lets you easily communicate.

• What security measures do you have in place? This is very important particularly if the virtual assistant has access to any personal client information. Make sure that they have up to date anti-virus software on their computer and perhaps a locked filing cabinet if they need to print any client information.

• Tell me about your experience helping a client with similar business needs. This is an opened-ended ice breaking question. This offers the virtual assistant an opportunity to tell you, specifically, about one of their strengths.

• What motivates you? This can help you determine which virtual assistant best suits your team. Each person draws motivation from different things. Some people are self-motivated. They draw inspiration from personal experiences, which fuels them to do their work well every day. Some people, on the other hand, require constant validation and recognition to stay motivated.

• Do you have client references or testimonials? While there are virtual assistants who have reviews and testimonials you can read on their blogs or website, it is still important to contact the applicant’s previous clients who can vouch for his/ her professionalism so you can validate his/her claims.

• What’s not included in your fees? It’s easy to overlook this one but certainly worth checking because if you need your virtual assistant to do lots of phone calls, or posting, and neither are included in their rates, your costs will rack up.

Final thoughts…
Taking your time to create an ad, review applications, ask the right virtual assistant interview questions, hire the right person and then train your virtual assistant is worthwhile in the long run.

We hope these questions will help to narrow down a virtual assistant that will be the best fit for you.