A virtual assistant is an individual who provides administrative support from a remote location. You might consider hiring a virtual assistant if you are overwhelmed with work and need to free up time to dedicate to your business core-tasks or need more time with your loved ones. Whatever your reasons are, you will want to make sure you recruit the right fit for you and your business. Although virtual assistants can have an array of skills and specialisations, there are a couple of common traits every virtual assistant should have:

• Professionalism. How you carry yourself is important in today’s working world. It creates a positive first impression, successful interpersonal relationships and a lasting reputation.

• Reliability. Reliability is a must for a virtual assistant. When looking for a virtual assistant you need someone who is dependable. Someone you can rely on to deliver the work. This not only builds trust between the customers and clients but also strengthens your brand name.

• Integrity. Finding a virtual assistant with integrity is important, especially in a virtual relationship, honesty and strong ethics will ensure the relationship is successful.

• Resourcefulness. Virtual assistants must wear multiple thinking hats and be resourceful when dealing with tough questions and problems. Find someone who can find the necessary information to solve your daily problems and answer tough questions.

• Excellent communication skills. Make sure your virtual assistant is comfortable and confident meeting and exceeding your communication needs. Good communication is essential in any relationship but when your team is virtual it is crucial. Different people require different types of engagement so adjust your style accordingly or choose a virtual assistant that fits your style.

• Organised. Virtual assistants need to have top-notch organisational skills. They usually work with multiple clients at the same time and work on different projects for the same clients. Being able to be on top of their workload and time is a must.

• Proactive. Virtual assistants need to be on step ahead of everything. They should be able to anticipate your needs. They need to take the initiate to do things and should be self-directed.

Final thoughts…

When you are hiring a virtual assistant or anyone for remote work, make sure that your applicants demonstrate a minimum skillset that’s applicable to the role. Dig deep on your interviews to make sure they have what it takes to be a successful part of your team.

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