Many businesses around the globe are thinking of expanding to new and exciting opportunities, but there is a certain fear within regarding outsourcing. Outsourcing can bring a world of benefits to your business. It can inject expertise, create new opportunities, build relationships and take away all the peripheral tasks so you can get on with loving your business. Here are just a few of the fears that you may have related to outsourcing.

• The first fear is loss of control. The fear is that not having someone on-site at the customer’s location will diminish control. Executives instinctively want a live person that is accountable and readily available.

• Hidden costs. Many business leaders have expressed concern about the hidden costs associated with outsourcing. Hidden costs include money wasted on unproductive operations abroad, money lost due to cultural differences, transition-related costs like temporary decreases in productivity and the costs of managing the outsourced team.

• Choosing the wrong provider. The fear of selecting the wrong provider to take care of your development needs is a valid reason. However, it is possible to take certain precautions to ensure you’re happy with the one you’ve chosen. Luckily, good communication will do a lot to mitigate these costs.

• Quality. Of course, different countries and companies have different levels of expectations and the quality of work might be different than you’re expecting. Try having the person or company go through a “trial period” to find out if they’re right for you. It will be perfect for you if the trial period is free.

Outsourcing carries with it some risks, but if you plan ahead of time and partner with a reliable outsourcing company, you can avoid making mistakes and you’ll realize that your fears are all unfounded.

Most would agree that when you own a company, delegating is a key to success and productivity. Outsourcing is significant because you can have people from all over the world working for you. If you’re looking for organisations that charge less for the same quality, the power of the internet allows you to find this balance.

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