Hiring a virtual assistant can be a simple solution. It would allow you time to spend on managing the important tasks in your business and less time managing your mundane tasks. This can increase your productivity.

Outsourcing should be a part of any business’ recruitment strategy. It’s cost effective, which means as a business owner you don’t get stuck working on low value tasks (admin, invoicing, scheduling, research, etc.). Instead, you can work on bringing more business into the business, which equates to more sales!

Not sure what to delegate or where to start?

Listed below are 11 important tasks that you can outsource to your virtual assistant.

• Diary management and email management. Virtual assistants (or VA’s) can manage a variety of tasks for you, however two of the most popular roles a virtual assistant is hired for are managing an online diary and email management.

When it comes to fast and efficient diary management, there are only two real tools a virtual assistant needs – Google Calendar and Outlook. Both of these programs are easy to use, can both work independently of each other. They can however, also seamlessly work together if you prefer too, so you can sync them to transfer updates to each other.

Dealing with a deluge of emails on a daily basis can put you behind on important projects making you have to work longer hours just to catch up. So why not use a virtual assistant e-mail management service instead? Global Virtual Partner’s virtual assistant email management services can take the strain, by making sure you don’t have to wade through tons of spam or by mailing out promotions, quotations and invoices on your behalf.

• Project management. A project manager VA plays a crucial role in planning, managing, and executing the whole project. A project manager needs to see the complete project as a whole and have knowledge of planning, budgeting, resources involve, and tracking the project daily. We, at Global Virtual Partners, have experienced VAs who can take care of your project virtually.

• Expense management. Keeping track of business and personal spending can be a pain when you are making purchases on a near constant basis. Managing all of your receipts and organising them into a document to send off to a bookkeeper is a time-consuming process, so we at, Global Virtual Partners, are here to take that stress off your shoulders. By working with us to create a streamlined workflow for creating and maintaining a properly organised expense report, we can save you the headache of having to rush to get your finances in order when it comes time to prepare for taxes to be submitted.

• Marketing support. Marketing is important for any business, but for the busy business owner, it can be a time-consuming task. And, living in the digital era, staying on top of mentions and messages, let alone the changes in technology and compliance, can be overwhelming. Virtual marketing assistants can support you with social media posting, newsletters, web updates and more.

• Graphic/web design. A virtual graphic design assistant is essentially a virtual assistant that specialises in graphic design. So, if you’re looking for a new logo, or a bunch of cool retweetable infographics a graphic design assistant might be the solution for you.

• Social media management. Social media virtual assistants do everything a social media manager does – except they work from a remote location. Creating social media profiles. Interacting with audiences on different social media channels. Curating content and images for your posts. Creating and managing your social media campaigns.

• Web research. A virtual assistant can conduct internet research, gather information quickly & efficiently ensuring that you get access to the right information.

• Event management. A virtual assistant can help you with every aspect of planning for your event – from your initial idea to the day of your event. Working with your virtual assistant to deliver your events means that you and your team can focus on what they do best and leave the event planning to the professionals.

• Data entry. As a start-up owner or entrepreneur, your prime objective is to devise marketing strategies for your business. Additionally, you should find ways to cut the operational cost. So, doing data entry work yourself or getting it done in-house is not a smart decision when you can easily hire a virtual assistant for data entry. Data entry virtual assistant is a remote worker who enters or updates data in a computer system database or CRM.

• Lifestyle management. We, at Global Virtual Partners, provide bespoke business, lifestyle and events management support to busy people including entrepreneurs, start-ups, consultants, executives, coaches and private clients. We are creative and tech-savvy productivity ninjas who champion cloud working. Our holistic approach will help you work smarter not harder and achieve work-life balance. Our lifestyle management service is perfect for busy individuals and families. We can help with all your personal, domestic, social and lifestyle requirements.

• HR administration. It’s not easy managing the time-intensive human resource administration. Give your employees the attention and resources they need to do their job well with a HR virtual assistant. A human resource assistant can place job advertisements and take phone calls from potential applicants with questions about a position. She/ he may also administer any screening tests the company uses to evaluate job applicants. Other tasks might include recording information about employees, communicating with employees about benefits, performing payroll duties, obtaining and recording documentation, as well as supporting recruitment and hiring operations.

In sum…

Virtual assistants play a crucial part in your business success. More importantly, virtual assistants give you back your most important investment: time. Hiring a virtual assistant can be a game-changer for many entrepreneurs. A virtual assistant can help with all those essential but dreary tasks. Our clients benefit from a team of assistants. The team is small enough to remain intimate and personal, but large enough to ensure that each client request is completed by a person uniquely qualified for the task. If you are a busy executive looking for a one-stop solution for hiring virtual assistant, get in touch here.