Even if you are the tidiest person in the world, there’s a very good chance you’ve heard about KonMari Method. For nearly a decade now, Marie Kondo has been spreading the gospel of how a tidy home can change your life and spark more joy. Her books have become best sellers around the world. But her methods aren’t limited to living spaces. You can use them at work as well.

The physical environment of the workplace has a significant effect on the way that we work. When our space is a mess, so are we. Organised desks are often overlooked as the boring and unpopular sibling of the much-loved messy desk. But here’s the thing I’ve realised about messy desks: messy desks aren’t fun and stylish. They don’t equal productivity either. Having a messy desk kills your productivity and creativity. That is certainly true from a simple logistical perspective: we lose precious work minutes every time we go searching for a lost paper on a cluttered desk.

Tidying up your workspace is about more than just being able to find what you’re looking for. Tidying up can improve productivity and earnings. But a tidy workspace also has other, more personal benefits.
Clutter prevents productivity and growth, which often makes one feel stagnant in the workplace. When you start to notice that your mess is decreasing your motivation, it’s time to declutter your office once and for all to maximize your creativity and efficiency. A few simple changes to your workspace you could be on your way to boosting productivity – some basic tips are below:

• File it. Keep related papers in folders, and only keep relevant folders on the desk.
• Monitor. It should be at eye-level and an arm’s length away from your body.
• Phone. Keep it on your dominant side to avoid reaching across your body.
• Don’t get too personal. Keep no more than three personal items on a desk to avoid distractions
• Limit supplies. Only keep office supplies that you use every day.
• White space. Maintain a clear paper-sized space at your domain side to make reviewing, signing and organising papers easier.

Wonderful things happen when you take the time to rethink how you organise your workspace. Decluttering and organising your workspace means less time spent searching and more time being productive. You’ll no longer have to interrupt your train of thought/conference call to find things or be distracted by the clutter that surrounds you on any given day.