Being a business owner means that you need to wear multiple hats. Your days can be consumed with a variety of time-consuming tasks. But it doesn’t have to be that way. By hiring a virtual assistant, you are freeing up time to focus on value added tasks and what you do best. A virtual assistant can help with the most time and effort consuming tasks ensuring you have enough time to dedicate to your business and your family.

To help you decide what tasks you might want to delegate to your virtual assistant, we put together (below) a list of the most common services:

• Diary management. Outsource this time consuming but equally important task to an expert virtual assistant. You will see your productivity soar and you will feel more in control of your daily schedule.

• Travel arrangements. A virtual assistant can book all your travel and incorporate this into your diary making sure you do not waste any time.

• Blog management. Every business needs a blog. Content creation has become increasingly popular and it is in high demand. Outsource the management of your blog to a professional virtual assistant including client engagement.

• Social media management. Social media management plays a pivotal role in the success of any business. Creating impactful content for your social media channels on a consistent basis is one of the best ways to approach your customers.

• Web development. Your virtual assistant would be able to create websites, landing pages, eCommerce sites or online stores, and other types of online pages. Building an online presence is a great way to increase brand awareness.

• Graphic design. A graphic design virtual assistant is a great asset for any business or individual. From time to time, we all could use a high-quality design and we don’t all have the talent or technical skills to do it ourselves.

• CRM. Hiring a virtual assistant is one of the best ways to manage customer information is to use a contact or CRM system. From handling queries to updating multiple information on a day to day basis, virtual assistants are well versed in CRM systems.

• Event management. A virtual assistant can help you ensure your events are organised and planned to the finest detail and will run smoothly on the day.

• Project management. Outsourcing your project management needs is cost-effective. Whether you are planning a new website or conducting market research on potential new target markets, having the right project manager can make the whole process a more positive experience.

• Recruitment. A virtual assistant can help your human resources department in a variety of ways, including recruitment. Outsource the most time-consuming tasks e.g. scheduling appointments with candidates, shortlisting CVs, following up with candidates, and so on.

Final thoughts…

Depending on the nature and the needs of your business, you can outsource pretty much anything to a virtual assistant. Make the most of your virtual assistant’s core skills and match these with your business requirements. Hiring the right fit virtual assistant is extremely important but it is equally crucial to know what tasks to delegate to ensure your business maximizes its resources.

We, at Global Virtual Partners, are passionate about helping busy executives and businesses achieve their personal and professional goals. Our clients benefit from a team of virtual assistants. The team is small enough to remain intimate and personal, but large enough to ensure that each client request is completed by a person uniquely qualified for the task. To find out more about our services, please contact us here.