What’s the first word you think of when you hear the term “marketing”? If you’re like most people, its probably “advertising”. The two activities have been so closely associated with each other for so long that they’ve almost become synonymous.

But in today’s world, advertising is increasingly becoming a dead end for many businesses. Now more than ever, we need a much broader, deeper conception of marketing, one that goes far beyond mere advertising and takes a more philosophical approach to the subject.

The day that marketers have dreaded for years is finally year: traditional advertising has officially bitten the proverbial dust. Gone are the days when commercials, promotional emails and direct mailings would bring in an avalanche of profits to a business. Now, traditional advertising has given way to customer-centric inbound marketing – and unless your business has embraced this new shift in advertising, you may struggle to grow your company.

The mass-advertising approach to marketing no longer makes sense. Clearly, a new approach is needed. In the six years since the first banner ad appeared on the World Wide Web, advertising has been transformed. With powerful technologies that can track responses and target customers, the Internet offers marketers a new world of opportunities.

Some advertising practitioners still do not recognize the fact that the internet has truly changed advertising. The traditional thinkers believe it is a threat to what they have known all these years. However, one thing that I have learned is that we should embrace change and learn the principles so we can use them to their full potential.

The modern age has instilled society with a variety of gadgets and technological marvels that have changed how we live, eat, play and do business. The Internet has revolutionized how we communicate, which directly affects how companies market their products and services to customers. Whether one is affiliated with a multinational conglomerate or spearheading a small business from home, hosting an effective marketing campaign is essential to success.

Effective marketing begins by identifying people’s underlying needs and desires. These almost always boil down to deep-seated, emotionally-resonant aspirations, such as adventure, belonging, connection, freedom, strength and tranquillity.

We know that people’s purchasing decisions are motivated by deep-seated needs and desires. But there’s something else that drives the decision to buy: personal values – in other words, the things people care about when pursuing the things they want.

There’s something that the most successful brands do well: They leverage existing beliefs to tell stories. That’s because a person’s way of viewing the world is a major indicator of the decisions they make and the types of stories that resonate with them.

In order to find a core group of fans who will become the smallest viable market for your product, you first need to realize a seemingly paradoxical truth: those fans already exist. They might not realize it yet, but there are already people who leave the desires, needs and values that might inspire them to become your fans. They’re just waiting for you to connect them into a new tribe and lead them to your product.

Unless you’re marketing a super specialised product that could only appeal to a niche audience, you’ll probably eventually want to move beyond your initial fan base and reach the general public. To cross the gap between that fan base and the public, you’ll need to perform the final step of effective marketing: building a bridge that will allow your product to spread. But first, you need to know the nature of the gap you’re trying to span. It boils down to the difference between the two groups in question.

In sum, while you can’t be everywhere all at once, you can deliver your brand to a lot of eyeballs at once, using social media, email marketing and guest blogging/posting/article writing. Recognizing the appropriate platforms to market your brand and executing a campaign to aim the message to the target audience can build your business or enhance your reputation in ways the traditional marketing efforts will never touch. Contact us and let’s work together to spread the word about your business.