In today’s world, careers are unpredictable, so it is more crucial than ever to learn to be resilient and flexible. Those who do take responsibility and plan ahead while staying loyal to their core values.

An entrepreneurial mindset is a way of thinking that enables you to overcome dilemmas, be decisive and accept responsibility for your outcomes. You have the constant need to improve your knowledge and learn from your mistakes. Below are some tips for aspiring entrepreneurs:

• For a strong start to a new endeavour, always be prepared – creating your own path to success is vital.

• An entrepreneurial, growth mindset is an asset even in larger businesses. Entrepreneurs are proactive rather than reactive. They have a “get-up-and-go” attitude.

• Learn to accept failure. Success means getting used to learning from failure.

• Be comfortable with rejection. Become resilient and find the silver lining in a setback.

• A CEO mindset keeps you steady when change is constant. Change is a given in the professional world – transitions, merges, acquisitions, etc. It is important to always keep the bigger picture in mind.

• Use feedback to connect professionally and accept praise gracefully.

• Tackle career change gradually. Firstly, visualise your career, next define your goals, thirdly prioritise your objectives, set your pace (know your boundaries) and last, keep a record of the process.

• Leave a good impression when you leave a job. This is just the kind of quick pivot in a difficult situation that shows the behaviour of a CEO.

Final thoughts…

In today’s world, careers are no longer “one size fits all”. It is vital that we learn to be resilient, flexible and adaptable when we recognize an opportunity. So, whether you plan to set up your own business, or help drive your company’s own initiatives, there are a handful of valuable skills which you should bear in mind when it comes to thinking like an entrepreneur.