Many SMEs have often contemplated whether or not they should be hiring additional help. If you’re an owner of an SME starting out or even expanding, the need to be on top of tasks like your administration is a common problem. Businesses used to hire virtual assistants to handle excess or spill-over work that were considered non-essential. While delegating work to these home-based workers presented cost advantages, the primary reason was largely for convenience.

The evolution of digital technology, the development of the Internet and the popularity of social media networks changed the perspective toward virtual assistants. In addition, recent global events which changed the foundations of business necessitated a shift in strategy. By the new millennium, more businesses were outsourcing services in an effort to streamline business costs.

We’ve put together below a few good reasons why you should hire a virtual assistant:

– With a VA, you save money as you do not have to provide office space, furniture or equipment. With a VA, you do not need to worry about coordinating work schedules. Just send off the work to be performed with a due date.
– Businesses only pay for the actual time a VA spends completing the task.
– When hiring a VA, there’s no need to pay for fringe benefits such as medical health insurance, holiday pay or employer salary deductions.
– A virtual assistant takes care of all their own overhead costs.
– A VA is already proficient with most recent tools and technologies to do the job. As an independent business owner themselves, a VA has the capability to see the larger image.
– Unlike an employee, a VA knows and understands the challenges of running a business.
– A virtual assistant invests in their own company and has the software available to complete projects.
– A business can save money by not having to utilise their funds to buy software for every new project.
– VAs have a resource pool available to call upon.
– Commuting is never a problem with VA.