There is a common misconception that virtual assistants are some kind of luxury, only affordable by the big companies to outsource projects that require less management but are considered overhead. Actually, the other way around appears to be true as increasingly more freelancers and small companies resort to hiring virtual assistants as a solution to the limited time they’ve available. By the time the business is stable, small company owners understand that, even though they are doing well, they do not have a lot time to be creative and take their dream further. Some entrepreneurs believe that a physical assistant will find the job done better that a hired virtual assistant would. But, the truth is, having a physical assistant takes up a lot more time and energy than a virtual one.

And why should you hire a virtual assistant? Here are some reasons: it can take some time to find the right person. You’ve to frequently train them, pay for their insurance and once they are having a bad day/week/month your company might suffer. You can’t afford someone full time anyhow, but you are overwhelmed by chores, tedious paperwork and a line of projects. You’re not willing to spend too much time on interviewing, hiring and training.

The market of virtual assistants is growing rapidly over the last several years, since the internet has all of us interconnected. Talented professionals from all around the world can be your call centre, your social network manager or your search engine optimisation marketing expert. Nevertheless, there are things to consider prior to hiring an on-line virtual assistant which will establish the effectiveness of your choice. The point is to gain profit from this hire and increase productivity. Before you start your hiring process get your priorities straight by listing all your pressing issues. We, at Global Virtual Partners, strive to create efficient solutions that are tailored to our customers’ needs. Please contact us to find out more.