Blogging has quickly become one of the most popular ways of communicating and spreading information and news. Writing a blog post isn’t hard at all but writing a great blog post is very difficult. Every blog post and its contents need to have a specific structure to make the post more natural and organic. I have put together some tips of everything a perfect blog article should have.

  • Title – present your content. The title should be the last thing you write. Start by thinking of a way to present the information as clearly as possible taking into account what the content is about. Think of something ‘eye catching’.
  • Description. This is how your content will be presented to the public in search engines and social networks. Be objective and curious but demonstrate what is in your content and how it will be useful to the visitor.
  • Subtitles – parts of your content. Subtitles help the reader track the progress of the information. Try to separate the content of your post into small parts that will be categorised by subheadings.
  • First paragraph and argument. Use this part to present the solution – build content that is useful to the visitor. Use the first paragraph along with the title to engage the reader.

When building the argument think about how to solve a problem and deliver what was promised.

  • Articles – content references. Expand the content by providing internal links that explain why you recommend more content.
  • Images – illustrate your content. All content should include images to break the rhythm of reading and rest the reader for a few moments.
  • Call to action. Invite your audience to take action in your post, e.g. commenting, liking the post.
  • Monetise the post. Use affiliate program links, products, and services that serve as a complement to the solution that was taught in the post.

Should I hire a virtual assistant to help me manage my blog? Virtual assistants are trained professionals who provide services to companies that wish to outsource aspects of their business. When hiring a virtual assistant, you will need to ensure that he or she is experienced in content creation and marketing, SEO and the software you use.