Whenever you work as a virtual assistant, you may choose a job as an employee or you could set up your very own company. Whenever you work as an employee, you do not need to invest any money in advance or find your very own customers, but your pay rate, working hours and how you work will be more limited. Setting up a virtual assistance company is simple and has fairly low start-up costs.

Where do you find the virtual assistant jobs? How much do virtual assistants earn? Dependent upon what services you offer, how long you have been working at the field, and your expertise, virtual assistants could make from £15 – £50 per hour. While you do not need any special training to work from your home as a virtual assistant, you do need to possess good organizational and time management abilities, in addition to excellent rhetoric skills.

There are various distinct services you may provide, but even something more to consider is who’d you want to work for? While some VAs are generalists and work on a broad range of tasks, it is simpler and more lucrative to choose a specialty. Having an on-line presence will assist you attract more customers, it provides you a place to showcase your work, list your services and testimonials, and it can make you look more professional.