Owning your very own company and working from home full time can be accomplished by creating a home based virtual assistant service. A virtual office assistant, frequently called virtual assistant, it is a pro administrative assistant who works from the comfort of their home.

Owning and operating a home based virtual assistant service provides more time to spend with your loved ones at home and may be economically rewarding. Decide the kind of services to offer, based on your background to ensure that you’ve experience. Fields to contemplate offering virtual services include legal, medical or general office help, resume writing and bookkeeping.

Decide whether or not to provide 1 or 2 virtual services. For instance, you can provide virtual services generally office and accounting. Decide whether or not to work part time or full time. When deciding your hours, consider how much time your new virtual assistance business requires. Create a business plan for your virtual assistance company that summarizes the target market and how to achieve it, a marketing analysis focusing on the company needs, a company motto or a mission statement and any legal issues to starting a virtual assistant business. Create a spending budget, using debits and credits, that outlines start-up and ongoing costs. This helps determine how much capital is needed to run a business until it generates regular income. Purchase an on-line hosting plan. Create a website, registering and utilizing a distinctive domain name for your company.