There are several ways to promote webinars but one of the most efficient and powerful ways is through social media. Here a few ways to promote your webinar on social media:

• Design a landing page and optimize it for social sharing. A well design landing page can give you a higher conversion rate. In addition to optimizing it for conversion, you should also optimize it for social sharing.
• Create social optimized thank you pages. A thank you page is the page people are redirected to after they subscribe for your webinar. A tool you can use to set up shareable, high converting webinar landing pages and thank you pages is ClickMeeting.
• Promote your webinar on social media. After your shareable landing page is set up, you can begin promoting it on social media by creating unique updates for each social network.
• Write a blog about your webinar. Write a promotional blog article dedicated to promoting your webinar. Then, publish the blog and promote it on social media.
• Paid social ads. Another way to promote your webinar is through paid ads on social media. Both Facebook and LinkedIn now have comprehensive ad platforms with detailed targeting abilities to help you reach new people or even retarget past visitors who have shown interest in the subject matter.
• Live videos. Live videos are an effective way to promote your webinar on social media. An effective live video to promote a webinar should start with a headline that is likely to catch your target audience’s attention. Then, it should include the benefits of attending the webinar, details of when the webinar will take place, and finally, a strong call to action.
• Create a posting schedule. About three to four weeks before your planned webinar date, you want to really ramp up your promotions. Share quick teaser snippets alongside a link to your webinar registration page. Include graphics or stock photos that are both visually appealing and represent your topic.
• Continue the promotion after the webinar. Share the link to get the replay on your social media for a week or two after your webinar.

Final thoughts…

Social media allows for an abundance of opportunities in terms of increasing your webinar engagement. Even with a basic knowledge of social media, using these tips will surely help you boost attendance for your next webinar.