First launched in the year 2006, Twitter is a popular social network service that enables users to create short messages, limited to 140 characters, called tweets. Originally envisioned as a mobile phone messaging social media, Twitter can be obtained via computers in addition to SMS and smartphone applications. Twitter users utilise tweets for various purposes including dialogue, networking, business announcements and promotion. Bloggers frequently use Twitter as a way of boosting their blog and individual blog posts to their Twitter user base. Create your blog entry utilising the web blogging service of your choice. Popular web blogging services include Blogger and WordPress.

Once you’ve created your entry, publish it on your blog. Your web Blogging service will provide you the URL of the blog entry you simply created. Shorten the URL. Popular URL shortening services include and Tiny URL. Post the blog entry on Twitter. Twitter allows users to access their services via the Twitter web site or via 3rd party applications called clients. To post your blog through the Twitter web site, go to the What is happening now? box on the home page and enter the shortened URL. Click Tweet to publish the tweet. To post your blog through a Twitter customer, log in to your Twitter customer depending on your customer’s instructions. Create a brand-new Tweet with the shortened URL and after that publish.

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