We all wish we had more time to spend on the things we love doing, whether that means being around our family or working on our hobbies. Yet, despite these wishes, time is something of which we never seem to have enough.

Maybe you’ve heard of the 80-20 rule? It states that 80 per cent of what you accomplish is the result of a mere 20 percent of all the time and energy you invested. And this isn’t only applicable to work or study. It’s the case for everything you do. One way to find out what time isn’t worth spending is to start tracking. There are programs that can help you track e.g. RescueTime. If you find that a particular website or application is stealing your day away, RescueTime will help you block access to it.

But what if it’s not just your productivity you want to track, but your health? We all like to think of ourselves as great multi-taskers with brilliant memories. But often we don’t actually have enough room to juggle everything in our minds. Several new tools have emerged to help us remember all those dates and details. Evernote, for example, is an app designed for note taking, organising, task management, and archiving.

But what if you know how to organise but want to spend less time organising?

Say hello to your very own virtual assistant. A virtual assistant provides various services to entrepreneurs or businesses from a remote location. From digital marketing tasks, scheduling appointments and managing events to personal errands. You can make a virtual assistant do almost anything.

Take control and plan your workweek

Planning your week gives you time and space to figure out how you’re going to fit everything in. If you’re trying to make progress at work and in your personal life, planning your week will help you get there. Plus, you won’t feel like a chicken with your head cut off trying to do things at the last minute.

Run errands more efficiently

The thought of running errands is generally met with a heavy sigh and a resigned attitude. It’s a necessary evil. After all, someone has to run to the grocery store, drop off the DVD and pick up the dry cleaning, right? You have a hundred different little tasks to complete outside the home to keep the household running smoothly over the course of a week. But, unfortunately, errand running can also consume lots of time. To boost your productivity and reduce stress when running errands, consider hiring a personal assistant or errand running service.

Stay on top of your finances with the latest tools

Lives are busy. Between work, families, and all the little details and obligations it’s easy to see how our finances, especially long-term finances, can get neglected. Mint.com is a great tool for organising your finances and keeping track of your financial health. Another innovative new tool to help you stop stressing and start saving is BillShrink.

Give yourself limits and improve your quality of life

Just as you can use upper limits to control things that you might be overindulging in, you can also make sure you’re doing more of the things that lift your quality of life, such as exercising, meditating and traveling. By setting lower limits for your leisure time you’ll make sure your time doesn’t always get gobbled up by work.

Batch your tasks to stay focused

Distractions and interruptions are enemy number one when it comes to productivity. Not only do they chip away at your ability to focus on the task at hand, but they also hurt your efficiency, making projects take far longer than they should. If you’re looking for a way to do more deep, focused work, time batching might be just the thing you need to try out to skyrocket your productivity during the workday.

Why self-care is the ultimate productivity powerhouse

When it comes to productivity, most people think the key to getting ahead is doing more. More work, more clients, more time… just more. And when you’re stuck in this mindset of “more, more, more,” it can feel impossible to step away and find time for yourself. But carving out that time, making yourself a priority, and cultivating a consistent self-care routine will not only help you avoid burnout (and be a happier person in the process), but it can also help you ramp up your productivity—and squeeze more out of the time you are at work.

Though life today seems to be stress-filled, there are ways to cut through the clutter and own your hours. With simple techniques and innovative new tools and services to guide you, you’ll be saving for the things you love in no time at all.