Virtual assistants are remote employees who take up administrative tasks ensuring they run like clockwork. Because you trust these individuals with crucial and confidential duties, e.g. managing your calendar or client relationships, it is sensible to be prudent when recruiting them.

Here’s how to structure a hiring process to attract the best virtual assistant:

  • Establish the work to be carried out. To include the following:
  • The scale of your business.
  • The apps/tools they will be using.
  • Past experiences that will make them successful.
  • Language requirements.
  • A detailed list of the tasks they will be performing for you.
  • The keywords that prospective hires might be searching for, such as ‘marketing support’.
  • Figure out how much time you need your virtual assistant to work. Usually, entrepreneurs

underestimate the amount of work they have. To start with, you might need only a few hours a month or several hours a week as soon as more activities are added. You can also hire a virtual assistant to work on a particular project. Making a projection of how much time you will need a virtual assistant to work will allow you to control your costs better. As you work with a virtual assistant, you’ll get a better idea of how much time tasks take and adjust the amount of time you need help.

  • Use your Network.

The best way to hire an efficient, trustworthy virtual assistant is through referrals. If you belong to a mastermind group or other business networking group, ask members who they recommend. Another option is to hire through a freelance site where you can check virtual assistants’ ratings and feedback from previous employers.

  • Set- up trial projects.

Trial projects give you the opportunity to try out a person without the full commitment to the unknown. And, you can have trials with more than one person. Every success is based on action – there is no better way to recruit people than to see them in action!