Hiring a virtual assistant is certainly an important step for your business. A virtual assistant can help a business in a multitude of ways, from digital marketing to diary management, a virtual assistant can be your right hand in a variety of tasks. To start the process of hiring a virtual assistant you should first establish what you need help with. Take some time out of your busy diary and write down all the tasks that are low value and time consuming. Based on that list, draft your job description. Your job description should be clear and reflect the needs of your business. Once you have the “perfect” job description, it’s time to start advertising. You can start advertising in job boards (the most popular ones), tap into your network or use an agency.

Shortlist at least 4 candidates for the interview stage. Start your shortlisting with phone/ skype calls before moving to the final face-face to interviewing process. When selecting candidates take into account their personality and working style to ensure these are compatible with yours. At the end of the day, you will be working closely with your virtual assistant and compatibility is a must.

Once you have selected your “ideal” candidate, starting your onboarding process and make sure your communication is clear to avoid future pitfalls. Communication, will undoubtedly, be imperative in establishing a healthy working relationship with your virtual assistant.

Once the trial period is over, look at utilising your virtual assistant the most effective way to help your business grow and prosper – get to know what your virtual assistant excels at and how their expertise can help you manage your business.

Final thoughts…
Hiring a virtual assistant, for many businesses, is an important milestone, so make sure you plan the recruitment and onboarding processes thoroughly to ensure success. When you find the right fit for you and your business you will see your productivity and sales improve.