If you are getting to the point in your business where you’re feeling swamped, hiring a virtual assistant can help take the pressure off. Hiring a virtual assistant is a viable way forward for businesses that want to save money on fixed overheads but still benefit from expert professional support. A virtual assistant can give you more time and freedom to focus on doing the things that you love. Things to consider when hiring a virtual assistant:

• Determine the reason (or reasons) you are in need of a virtual assistant. Do you need a VA to reduce your overhead costs? To increase efficiency? Scale your business operations? Free up time for strategic thinking? Determine your needs first, then start putting together a profile of the perfect assistant.

• Know what qualities and skills you are looking for. Given the large number of virtual assistants that exist and the diverse skills that each one has, we know that it is not easy to find the ideal assistant. Establish the qualities and skills your virtual assistant should have. Do you need someone highly reliable, an excellent communicator, resourceful and proactive, trustworthy and honest?

• Seek a compatible personality. Talking directly with a virtual assistant will give you a much better idea of whether their personality and style is compatible with yours and whether they will fit in with your business culture. It will also give you the opportunity to gain further insight into the skills and expertise that they are offering.

• Advertise your job post. Once you have your job description ready, your next step is to post it online and start accepting applications. One option is to post your job description directly on social media (post in the city/country you want to hire in). Another option is to use a virtual assistant hiring service or directory.

• Select the assistant you would like to work with or request a consultation to discuss your requirements. Review the applications that come through and schedule interviews with the top 5-10 candidates. I recommend conducting video interviews with your top candidates. A video interview is the next best thing to interviewing someone in person.

Having a virtual assistant on your side allows you to have more free time. Identify the tasks that require your direct attention. And for the rest of the tasks, assign virtual assistants to get those done within time! By offloading some of your tasks, a virtual assistant can literally add more productive hours to your day.

Why Global Virtual Partners?
We, at Global Virtual Partners, have extensive experience supporting all levels of management and companies of all sizes. We are passionate about helping busy executives and businesses achieve their personal and professional goals. Our clients benefit from a team of virtual assistants. The team is small enough to remain intimate and personal, but large enough to ensure that each client request is completed by a person uniquely qualified for the task. We are the one-stop solution for busy executives looking for virtual assistants. Get in touch to take the first step towards the next stage of your business. We look forward to hearing from you.