How does this whole thing work? How do I get started with a VA? Many individuals get stuck attempting to determine how to let go of control and delegate tasks to a virtual assistant. Bringing on a team member is a very significant step towards improved business success and happiness in life. Let us talk about the first steps. Just take a notebook and a pen and write down everything that:

– You dislike doing
– You know it’s a time waster and a rabbit hole of non-productivity
– You’d love to have someone else manage and report back to you
– Isn’t in your special skill set, talent – aka: zone of genius!

Now let that list sit for a couple hours or overnight. Whenever you come back the following day, I would like you to revisit all the ideas you’d love to hand off with this goal in mind: what 5 tasks could you hand off to your new virtual assistant in order that you could concentrate on business developing activities? Viola! You’ve taken a great initial step in learning how to delegate to a virtual assistant. Sharing this list is going to give your assistant an excellent idea of not only what is on your plate, but above all, direction as to where to start on this awesome new trip with you!

How does doing this make your company grow? You’re no longer caught up in the details, you’ve space to cast vision and do what you do best! Are you ready to take a dive and hire your very own virtual assistant? Whether you need help with data entry, graphic design or some other administrative task, virtual assistance may be the answer. Explore the wide variety of VA services we, at Global Virtual Partners, offer. Contact us today on +44 (0) 7734 221544 or email us at