In order to pick the right virtual assistant for your business you first need to decide what tasks to delegate. Make a list of all the tasks that are time and effort consuming, choose a virtual assistant proficient in the industry you are working in and finally maintain a productive relationship with your virtual assistant by ensuring clear communication at all times.

When hiring a virtual assistant, it is imperative to decide what skills you want your virtual assistant to have. Below is a short list of the most common skills and attributes:

• Attention to detail. This skill is crucial when you are constantly connecting with the online world where posts can go viral in a matter of hours. The secret of a great virtual assistant is the principle of attitude, the breadth of collaboration and relentless attention to detail

• Time management. Managing your time effectively is a key, foundational skill you must have as a virtual assistant to avoid burnout, to succeed with clients, and to produce the best work for them.

• Communication skills. You will need to communicate with your virtual assistants daily. Moreover, your virtual assistant will need to communicate with your clients every day. That means good communication skills are a must.

• Social media skills. Online presence of a business is a must in the present world where impactful marketing means everything. With time being a precious commodity for all business owners and entrepreneurs, they often prefer to hire the services of skilled people called social media virtual assistant.

• Organisational skills. Virtual assistants need to have superior organisational skills to keep track of assignments for different clients.

• Problem – solving skills. To be the problem-solving virtual assistant your clients need, you research and find a way around the issue when you’re faced with a problem. This requires creativity and good analytical skills.

• Flexibility. For most virtual assistants, their job role and tasks are not set in stone. After some time, you might start receiving some tasks and questions that you didn’t expect. To handle this in the best possible way, you will have to adapt all the time and tackle new challenges as they come.

• Reliability. Reliability is a must in a virtual assistant. When looking for a virtual assistant, you need to find someone who is dependable, someone who will deliver within the set deadline and give the quality of output you have agreed upon.

Final thoughts…

Hiring a virtual assistant is a fantastic way to increase your productivity and focus on the work that enables your business to grow. There are several virtual assistants available and they range in skill and qualifications. To make sure you hire a good fit, review the skills and qualifications mentioned above, determine which ones are a priority for you, and then make sure the virtual assistant you hire possesses the skills and qualifications you need in your business.