You take a call from a business partner, and you choose to check your e-mails while doing so. As you reach for your cup of coffee from its holder, you notice your son’s lunch bag on the floor by the passenger seat. The incoming call from your mother jolts you right then, since the traffic light goes green. At this point, however, you just see red. Based on a study made by researchers at Cornell University, an individual makes an average of 226.7 decisions daily on food only. Multiply that number to include other aspects in your life in the mundane like picking out which faucet to turn on or which pen to use from the heap on your desk, to more crucial ones like which e-mail to answer first or if to stay in your job or accept a brand new offer.

Generally, as we get older, increasingly more selections are made available to us. As the level of our responsibilities grow, the decisions we need to make increase as well. High performers like them know that by pairing down the number of choices they face every day, they’re better equipped to arrive at good decisions and are able to allocate their time more effectively. Apart from foregoing daily sartorial selections, among the best way to avoid decision fatigue are by prioritising the responsibilities that earn you the most value and delegate the rest. By getting additional help, you free yourself from some of your day-to day tasks and get more out of your workday, because it’ll enable you to concentrate on expanding your company and achieving a healthful work life balance.

Virtual assistants don’t only help with saving your time, but your money as well. And in the process, they’ll even save you a headache or two. But this will only happen if you hire the right virtual assistant. You need to first identify which tasks you need to delegate so you can find a virtual assistant that matches your needs. Thinking of hiring a virtual assistant? Contact us today on +44 (0) 7734 221544 or email us at